January 15, 2021

#207 Oh Bubba

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Yes, Bubba holds an entire bottle of wine!



AUGUST 27, 2018 AT 11:12 AM



AUGUST 31, 2018 AT 12:32 PM

Saw your post on Linked In. I just love this blog. C – I admire you even more now than I did the first day I met you in Australia… if that’s possible.
In you walked to the Brisbane office so beautiful, so poised and with THE most beautiful Prada red handbag I had ever seen.
Then you spoke and I just found myself wanting to be led by you. To one day be myself in a role like yours and to have that ability, confidence and leadership to intelligently inspire others in the way you did. Just by breezing into the room – putting us all at ease and then totally owning it! Even on a construction site in protective gear with no sleep you looked and acted like you could take on the world.
No matter how bad or depressed or challenged we feel inside – we all so often forget the impact we have on the outside. We also don’t see ourselves as others see us. You are an amazing woman and I love your realness in these blogs just as much as I loved having you as my leader!
I would work for you in a heart beat. Don’t forget that you are always amazing.
I send you lots of blessings and I love your honesty. Nadine x