January 15, 2021

#211 Cancer Resources

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to share some resources that have helped me on and off through my journey in understanding what was happening to me, but also giving me different perspectives. I share these with you in hopes they may also be helpful to you. Please feel free to share any additional resources you think I should add to this list. Thank you!


American Cancer Society @americancancersociety — If you’re looking for tons of resources — almost too many, this is a decent place to start. — This site was very helpful to me, especially in the beginning. They have an awesome search capability that helps you find most anything. Like many discussion sites, it offers support but at the same time, you have to wade through a lot of stories that may or may not be helpful.

Life with Cancer @lifewithcancer. — This site and organization offer tons of classes on various cancer topics. Even exercise classes. I don’t know if it reaches beyond the Northern Virginia area. I’m not one for support groups or sitting around kibbitzing about cancer, but I found a great support system through their Zumba and yoga classes.

I didn’t rely on Komen a ton, but I did visit their website a few times. They have great resources, including guiding through financial issues for medication and treatments and partnerships that will be very helpful. It’s worth it to dig deep into their site. Awesome organization! I can’t say enough great things about Mark Heyison and his band of brothers.


Lopsided: A Memoir by Meredith Norton —This was a decent read. Not sure I’d recommend it. It sufficed as a distraction for a while.

Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour by Amy Robach — Excellent book. It was a book club read. I skipped the club but read the book anyway and really enjoyed it. Amy showed so much strength and honesty. Her book gave me courage. @amyrobach @randomhouse @goodmorningamerica

Refinery 29. — Refinery 29 has done an entire series on breast cancer. There is something here for everyone. I highly recommend it. Several of the articles from writers like @judithbasya @yanahunt @kimberlytruong @saracoughlin among others really spoke to me. — of course! Who covers women’s issues better than @oprah? No one. Online her site has many amazing articles about breast cancer. One of my faves is “6 Gorgeous Photos of Breast Cancer Survivors.”


By far one of the most talented centers in the world for cancer treatment. If you live in or near Houston, be treated there. If you don’t but can afford to travel back and forth, get treated there. MD Anderson also has a great website full of resources and an on-site library that is excellent.

Memorial Sloan Kettering — another great place for treatment. This one is in New York.


This is an app for beginners in guided meditation. A friend gave it to me as a gift subscription. I can’t over-recommend it. It has been great in helping me sleep and in keeping balanced at difficult times. You don’t need to have cancer to appreciate this one! You can use it on your computer or download the app in the App Store or Google Play. I recommend the app. @headspace


So this seems like a strange thing to put here I know. But try this recipe: (Warning

It’s a little on the sweet side.) Two shots of Crown Royal Apple, 1 shot of sour mix (the kind you use for margaritas), 1/2 cup or more of cranberry juice. Top with a maraschino cherry and there you have the Royal Charlene drink. I typically use a lowball glass, but a highball glass works too because you can add more cranberry juice.