Charlene Wheeless, author and frequent speaker on racial justice in the workplace, presents the Black Lived Experience. In this keynote, Charlene shares her personal experiences as a Black female executive, the Black experience in America, and what is needed in the workplace today as America reckons with its racist past.

It is clear that there is a racist division of power in our country that must be dealt with—and it will take all of us, especially our corporate leaders, to do it successfully.

In this thought-provoking session, Charlene takes the audience through the lived experience as a black girl in America and a black woman in Corporate America who has succeeded in spite of it all. She has had a successful career, working as an executive in industries that are predominately male and predominately white. Having lived the experience of “first Black woman to” many times over, she shares with the audience the uncensored truth about racism and bias at work, why most diversity and inclusion programs don’t work and how to put your company on a path of racial justice, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Audiences who will benefit from this session include: Business leaders, Community leaders, Business managers and anyone wanting to understand how to center their organizations in equity and justice. This is NOT a political session.