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A Dead Battery Can’t Jump a Dead Battery!

I have one goal: to inspire and energize audiences to achieve beyond their expectations by tapping into their power and winning at work and life. Okay, well, that was two goals. 

Attendees of my keynotes walk away with unabashed empowerment, enthusiasm, and inspiration. You’ll gain the courage you need to make change and the confidence to execute on it! I am available for speaking engagements as a conference keynote, business keynote, non-profit organizations, associations, and everything in between!


David Murray, EVP Speechwriter’s Assoc.

Author, “An Effort to Understand: Hearing One Another (and Ourselves) In a Nation Cracked In Half”

Every syllable of this talk rang of truth earned many times over…one of our participants blurted out that this virtual session was ‘like church,’ and immediately people piled on to upvote that statement.” 

Robin Taub, CA, CPA

Author of “The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life

“Charlene’s speech is a powerful reminder that we all have the choice to live the life we deserve by taking charge of our lives. Coming from Charlene, who has the professional and personal experience to back it up, this message is motivating and empowering: take a deep breath, make a decision, and take action.”

Gena Cox, P.h.D.,

Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author

“Few Black women have made it to the C-suite, but Charlene Wheeless did it! Now she uses the power of that experience to encourage other women to pursue their dreams, despite the barriers we might encounter. In this deeply personal and empowering message, Charlene also helps leaders see more clearly how they can support these dreams. Charlene’s charming and inspiring delivery will leave you feeling that you, too, can reach the top.

Impacting how you approach your career, life, and how you walk through the world — one speech at time

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