Using posts from her “Just Between Us Girls” blog that follows her courageous battle with breast cancer, lectures from her popular “Lessons from Being Invisible” speaking series, and personal accounts of her climb to being one of the first Black female executives in traditionally White and male-dominated industries, Charlene’s voice is one that resonates across every spectrum; a clear, compelling voice that everyone needs to hear. Charlene’s experiences provide a compass for individuals and corporations looking to change their course, alter their patterns, and expand their ways of thinking and being. With raw honesty, blazing courage, and solution-driven sensibility, Charlene reminds us that despite the setbacks, struggles, and obstacles life throws our way, we can and must be seen. We must not be invisible. We must be our own authentic selves. In short: We are enough!

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“The book emphasizes that we are enough just as we are and nurtures the trait of being the best in whatever you do, whether its in one’s personal or professional life. It made me be more comfortable with myself and break the barriers that held me from moving ahead in life. I loved the author’s personal story on battling breast cancer and how she overcame the stereotypes and biases surrounding women in her career. This is an ideal book to cultivate a spirit of confidence and self compassion.”
–Neelam Babul

“From start to finish, two words kept resonating with me as I read : reclaim and unapologetic . Upon completion, I walked away knowing without doubt that I can unapologetically reclaim my life back. This book has been a huge blessing. Will definitely recommend to others on my journey forward. God bless!”
–Mary Pauline M.

“Very inspirational read! Left me inspired to go after all my dreams. She is fearless and determined. I would highly recommend this book.”
–Nicole C.

“With a whimsical sense of humor, the author writes this amazing book to inspire others to work fearlessly towards attaining goals and living a purpose-driven life. Author Wheeless starts her chapters with eye-catching quotes from well-known personalities such as Dr. Maya Angelou, that offer readers a hint of the information shared. She examines how women, especially of Black descent, have to work twice as hard to reach the glass ceiling. She further explains how she succeeded in defying odds and overcoming unflattering stereotypes.

The fascinating book covers a lot of questions that often go unanswered such as how to achieve work-life balance and the fact that the author has worked as a senior executive in world-renown organizations makes her a credible source.
The tome covers two aspects: her career path and her blog posts, which include her journey as a cancer survivor. Smart and snappy advice breaks up every chapter and succinctly covers all the salient details of the world of employment. Further, the diction is fitting for this type of memoir/self-help/inspirational book, which was my favorite aspect. It is also rich in practical life lessons that can be used for ages to come. For this reason, I heartily give this amazing title, 5 stars.

One person’s survival story is another’s survival guide. This is not just a story of surviving but also one of flourishing against all odds. “You Are Enough: Reclaiming Your Career and Your Life With Purpose, Passion and Unapologetic Authenticity” by Charlene Wheeless is perfect for career-driven people, both men and women. It is a true testament to self-discipline and being true to oneself!”


“By sharing her story — her whole story — with the world, Charlene Wheeless has given us a gift. Whether you relate to her descriptions of racial injustice, have faced challenges like abuse and cancer, have experiences similar to hers from your own career, or all of the above, everyone can find an aspect of her story that resonates. Each chapter is built around valuable lessons it took Charlene years to learn, something young people just starting their careers can really benefit from. Frankly, not so young people can benefit, too. I recognized myself over and over throughout the book and knowing that someone of Charlene’s caliber shared some of my biggest fears was reassuring in a whole new way. Without a doubt, this book will give more people permission to come forward and tell their stories without shame.”

Jane Randel

Co-Founder, NoMore.org and Co-Founder, KarpRandel

“All those executives reading Isabel Wilkerson and Robin Diangelo who are trying to understand why their black employees are so angry now need to add Charlene Wheeless to their bedside tables. Charlene is a “first Black woman to,” many times over. And while she isn’t a whiner and has no regrets, she offers a view of corporate America that will open your eyes. The fact that she had to confront cancer, as well, only adds to this mini-memoir’s power.”

Alan Murray

CEO, Fortune Media

“‍You Are Enough! is elegant in its straightforwardness. It is sensitively written, albeit raw. Charlene shares in a way that made me feel fully accepted as she shared her intimate story, and like I was intruding at the same time. The book is honest, genuine, courageous, and at all times REAL, and by the way—it is very smartly written. I loved it.”

Bill Heyman

CEO, Heyman Associates Executive Search

I really needed to read a book like this to reconfirm the choices I have made and my journey to changing my life for the better. I am familiar with Charlene Wheeless and the work she has done with her speaker series “Lessons From Being Invisible.” This is the complete opposite, she says we should not let ourselves be invisible and that it is ok to stand out and be your own unique self no matter who might think otherwise. Piggy backing off of that there was one section that really hit me hard and she says never to seek permission but seek forgiveness. Forgiveness is a lot easier to obtain than permission and forgiveness allows you to let go and free yourself from the burdens of others and live your life the way you want it. I know our community will be raving for this book and I cant wait to hear and see many lives changed. We give this book 5 stars.

You are Enough!

Net Galley Reviews

“Plenty of people offer advice. Few offer wisdom. By sharing her life and experiences, Charlene Wheeless invites readers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery gaining profound insights along the way. Hers is a powerful, empowering voice–an important one for our times. This is a book for everyone. Everyone who reads this book will be enriched.”

Phillip Barlag

Executive Director, World 50

“Charlene is a remarkable person, and there is something for each of us to learn from her experience. Her stories are full of examples of her tenacity in facing the kind of adversity that comes from having to fight for everything you have, but doing it with grace, smarts, and authenticity. It is these characteristics that Charlene brought to her most difficult battle—facing and fighting cancer. For so many people, getting cancer and dealing with this horrible disease is a transformational event. Some people are overtaken by the trauma of dealing with it, but You Are Enough! reminds us all that we are in charge of ourselves. Our response and coping methods are within our own control. So, thank you, Charlene, for the gift of these lessons and for being so brave in putting it all out there so we can apply these lessons to our own lives.”

Margery Kraus

Founder and Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide

“I want to congratulate you on your vision, book presentation, content and motivation found within your book. Many people will benefit from reading and applying the wisdom, insight, and authenticity of your journey. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. It took me on an unexpected journey where it became apparent that when you are able to travel with someone on their journey, it actually allows you to see your own life. This was very profound. What I have learned from you will change the shape of my life going forward. Many, many thanks to you for this.”

Phyllis Newhouse

CEO, Xtreme Solutions/Founder of Shoulder Up/Host of LI Talks

Charlene Wheeless’s You Are Enough1 is part memoir, part motivational guide; it draws on Wheeless’s experiences climbing the corporate ladder and battling breast cancer to illustrate life lessons for others. Wheeless’s experience in corporate communications is apparent in the clarity of the text. The book’s concise storytelling helps to make its messages resonant, as do Wheeless’s authentic, frank admissions, as of being chronically late, and regarding mistakes that could have gotten her fired; these contribute to career advice that can be applied in any industry. Blog posts are included at the end of many chapters; these are just as compelling as the text itself. Many help to punctuate Wheeless’s lessons learned. The blog began after Wheeless’s 2017 breast cancer diagnosis; the same event is credited with prompting her to write a book, but is only part of the complex story that Wheeless tells throughout. Declaring “Everything that I have or haven’t done or that has happened to me, for me, against me, or around me has led me to this moment and prepared me to tell my story,” You Are Enough! is an inspirational text that’s filled with practical advice for working and living with passion and purpose.

You Are Enough! is an inspirational text that’s filled with practical advice for working and living with passion and purpose.

Clarion Reviews

“Consultant Wheeless was the first person in her family to attend college, and she’s been the youngest person, the first woman, the first Black person, or the first woman of color in each new role on her way to the executive suite. In 2017, at the age of 53, she was leading corporate affairs for a $40 billion global company when a breast cancer diagnosis changed her life. In 15 short chapters with titles such as “Quit Whining,” “Ask for What You Want,” “Work Is Personal,” and “It Is Not All About You,” she offers practical pep talks bolstered by personal anecdotes. Each chapter begins with an inspirational quotation from a famous figure, such as Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, or William Faulkner. Several incorporate posts selected from a blog the author wrote to document her experience of cancer treatment, complications that led to multiple surgeries, and her recovery. The inspirational messages, such as “embrace your own authentic self” and “the days are long, but the years are short,” bear repeating even though they will be familiar to self-help readers. Still, the author’s voice is sincere, breezy, upbeat, and surprisingly relatable considering her impressive accomplishments. Her perspective feels authentic and refreshingly down-to-earth, and she presents stories of her encounters with gender, age, and racial bias with honesty and without bitterness. Wheeless admits to her own faults, foibles, and mistakes; at the same time, she expresses pride in her achievements; gratitude for those who helped, supported, and inspired her; and dedication to helping, supporting, and inspiring others, in turn. Her strong, personal Christian faith and sense of humor are also evident throughout the text. An upbeat, engaging guide to navigating work and life challenges.”

A successful business executive and cancer survivor shares life lessons in this motivational memoir.

Kirkus Reviews

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