I have been curating this keynote for years, through real life experiences. But I never thought I’d write and share it so widely. But that was before a few huge events disrupted my life and career and changed the way I approach everything.

Charlene pulls back the covers on a little talked about work phenomenon — for years, women have been made to feel invisible at work. Enough is enough.

This talk takes participants on a journey with me from climbing the corporate ladder, shattering the glass ceiling, and hitting a concrete wall and still succeeding, to overcoming cancer, becoming a recovering C-suite executive, changing my world and creating a life of purpose, passion and unapologetic authenticity. In sharing personal experiences and stories throughout my career and life, along with modern-day research, I provide the audience with a look at how people are made to feel invisible at work (and sometimes in life), the toll it takes on their psyche, and how they can turn the tables to achieve beyond what they think is possible.

This session shows you how, why, and the best way to chart a new path. With wit, humor, and seriousness, I share the secrets to tapping into your 7 Seconds of Courage, how to win, and most importantly, how to THRIVE.

Charlene can give this keynote in one or two sessions. The two-session framework speaks to men and women or managers and non-managers separately, each coming out of it empowered, energized, and equipped to make a change. Please inquire for details.